This step needs to be done after you have finished creating the quote form.

1. General

In this tab, you can enable/disable the application, switch the feature from Add to quote to Quick quote and vice versa.
  • Add to quote: Add the product to a quote list (The quote list can be viewed by clicking the View Quote button or by going to the link: https://yourdomain/apps/request-a-quote/index)
  • Quick quote: Request a quote for a product
You can also hide the add to cart button and the price of the product, select how to add quote button/form to the store. In Settings -> General, you can also enable a special features: Approve Quotes Automatically, automatically create the draft order and send invoice email.

1.1 Hide product price only

If you only want to hide prices for products without showing buttons or forms, then follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings -> General
  • Enable Hide price
  • Enable Hide Quote button on Collection
  • Enable Hide Quote button/form on Product
To apply the feature to any product or collection, you need to go to Quote Form -> Display Rules to set up according to the rules you want.

1.2 Login to see price

If you want customers to be logged in to see the prices of the products, follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings -> General
  • Enable Login to see price
To apply the feature to any product or collection, you need to go to Quote Form -> Display Rules to set up according to the rules you want.
When the feature is applied, a Login to see price button will appear on each applicable product. You can completely customize the text for this button.

1.3 Approve Quotes Automatically

Auto approve quotes with the specified discount amount: The discount is calculated for the entire quote (not for separate products). Discount calculation is based on prices excluding tax.
When the quote is automatically accepted, the app will immediately create a draft order so that the store owner can easily add tax, shipping fee, discount code and then send the invoice.
Note: This feature can only be activated when the product's price is not hidden.

1.4 Auto send email invoice after draft order is created

This feature is useful in the following cases:
  • Store admin wants after Quote is automatically approved, an email invoice will be automatically sent to the customer
  • Store admin wants after clicking the Convert to Draft Order button, an email invoice will be automatically sent to the customer
To enable this feature, go to Settings -> General -> then check the "Send email invoice automatically after draft order is created" option.

1.5 Change the quantity of 1 product added to the quote

By default, when adding a product to a quote, its quantity is 1. If you want to allow customers to change the quantity of a product added to the quote, turn on the Quote Item Quantify feature in Settings -> General -> Check the Quote item quantity option.
After enabling this feature, the quote form will display a field so that the customer can change the quantity of the product.

1.6 Tracking UTM source

This feature helps store owners know which source customers come to the product from.
To enable this feature, go to Settings -> General -> then check the "Tracking UTM source" option.
To see the traffic source, go to Quote Submissions -> View quote -> Info

2. Translate

At this tab, you can translate to your desired language. The default language is English. Especially the application also supports multi-language feature.

3. Customer Email Notifications

In this tab, you create email messages to notify customers automatically whenever the quote's status changes .

Use the following short-codes for email content:

  • {quote_id}: Quote ID
  • {quote_created_time}: Quote created time
  • {customer_name}: Customer name
  • {store_name}: Your store name
  • {table_product}: The table displays the list of products in Quote
  • {message}: The content you enter in the Message to Customer box when you edit the Quote


At this tab, you can configure your own email server service. In some cases, when you use the application's email server, emails sent to you or your customers may end up in the spam box. To prevent this, you should use your own email server and see the provider's parameters to fill in this section.

5. Product Table

This tab is where you configure the display for the product details table in the email. You can disable/enable display for SKU, Option, Price and QTY columns.

6. Print PDF

This feature makes it possible for store owner and customers to print quotes in PDF format.
Then go to Translate -> Scroll down to the PDF Content section -> Edit the content and language of the PDF file

6.1 Print quote to PDF (for customer)

Once the PDF printing feature has been enabled, the customer can print the quote request just submitted via the form.

6.2 Print quote to PDF (for store owner)

7. Enable Widget

Show ‘View quote’ widget: enable if you want to show this button. This allows customers to see what’s they have added in the quote list. The number of added products is updated in real time, clicking on the widget will bring you to the Quote list page.
Note: Widget setting tab only appears when you use the Add to quote feature (add many products to the quote).
An here is the result

8. Shipping (Advanced plan only)

This is an advanced feature that helps store owner add shipping fee options to the quote form for customer to choose from.
To use this feature, go to Settings -> Shipping -> enable the feature and set shipping rate.
You can create new shipping rates or use shipping rates already set up from your store.
After setting the Shipping rate option, the form will display as image below:

9. View quote history

To make it possible for customers to review all quote requests they have submitted, store owners can use the following link to create a navigation menu: https://yourwebsitedomain/apps/request-a-quote/history
Quote detail