Create & Edit quote form

Ceate a quote form

The application automatically generated a form with basic fields. You can completely personalize by editing this form.

To edit the form, go to Quote Form in the left menu.

Active form & Set the display rules

In this tab, you can set the display rules for the Quote button and form.

  • All Products: Display quote form/button on all products

  • Choose Products: Display quote form/button on selected products

  • Choose Collections: Display quote form/button on selected collections

  • Conditions: Select display rules by vendor, product types, product tags, out of stock...

  • Show by language: Select the language you want to display the form/button quote if the store uses multiple languages

  • Show by country: Select the country where you want to display the quote form/button

  • Show by Customer tag: Only display quote form/button for tagged customers (this option is only suitable for logged in customers)

Display quote button in product page

Display quote form in product page (This option only applies to Quick quote mode)

Form fields

At this tab, you add custom fields to the form according to your needs. The application has automatically created the basic fields, you can completely edit or delete these fields.

Form styles

At this tab, you can customize the design for the form, the fields. You can also personalize the design by adding your own css code in the Custom CSS box.

Email settings

In this tab, you set up the email to receive notifications when the form is submitted, the email content is sent to the store owner, and the email content is sent to the customer.

You need to pay attention to completely and correctly fill in the required information fields so that sending and receiving emails after the customer submits the form goes smoothly.

You can set up automatic emails to send to form submitters and direct customers to any landing page after the form is submitted.

Customer email notifications

In this tab, you edit email content to customers when the quote is updated.

Email integrations

You can integrate quote form with UP TO 9 of THE MOST POPULAR EMAIL SERVICES for your email marketing campaigns.

After completing the form setup, you will get the form displayed as follows at the Quote list page.

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