How does the app work?

The steps to complete a quote request are as follows:

  1. Customer submits a quote request.

  2. Store owner receives the request, adds a price, adds message if needed (Update Quote).

  3. Customer receives an email about the suggested price and message in step 2. If the customer does not agree with the price offered by the store owner, he/she can respond directly to the received email, the store owner can edit the price and message for the quote in the app backend to continue to negotiate with the customer.

  4. If the customer agrees with the price, he/she will email to store owner.

  5. Store owner converts the Quote to Draft Order. Basically our app process only to this step, other steps below will be process by Shopify system.

  6. Store owner goes to "Draft Order" -> Edit the Draft Order item and send the customer the invoice (If the product price is set to 0, the store owner need to add a new custom item with the offer).

  7. Now finally the customer is received an email invoice about the total price.

  8. If the customer does not agree store owner can delete the Draft Order. Conversely, if the customer agrees, he/she will go to the checkout from email invoice to process the payment.

  9. Store owner gets an ORDER.

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