About S: Request a Quote

Storeify Request A Quote application allows customers to request a quote for one, some products or the whole shopping cart easily. Customers will add their preferred items to the quote with their wished prices. After viewing the quote requests, store owners can approve, cancel, discuss with customers and modify the quotes. Our app helps you to create accurately adjusted pricing offers for both B2B and B2C customers.

Highlight Features

1. Request a quote & Hide Price

Easily hide price & add to cart button and show the request a quote button/form form by product, collection, country or language condition.

2. Convert quote to draft order

Convert quote to draft order automatically or with just 1 click, making it very easy to add tax, shipping, discount code, new customer.

3. Approve quote automatically

Request a Quote & Hide Price app allows the store admin to set the discount (in %) at which the quote is automatically approved.

Key features of Storeify Request a Quote

For Store owners

  • Enable / Disable the Request a Quote & Hide Price app
  • Create and customize quote form with form builder features
  • Apply display rules for quote by select products, collections, product vendor, product type, product tag, out of stock
  • Filter display by language and country
  • Allow / Disallow customers to attach files to the quotes
  • Convert quote to draft order, add customer name and email to Shopify customer database automatically
  • View and edit product QTY, product price, message to customer on a quote
  • Auto approve quotes with the specified discount amount: The discount is calculated for the entire quote (not for separate products)
  • View submission statistics and export submissions to CSV file
  • View quote logs (quote timeline) so admin doesn't miss any quote
  • Hide product price, add to cart button
  • Login to see price
  • Hide Quote button on collection
  • Hide Quote button or quote form on product page
  • Allow to hide out of stock variants
  • Switch Add to quote to Quick quote (Request a quote) and vice versa
  • Add widget to display real-time number of products in quote and view quote list easily
  • Translate to any language
  • Send email notifications to customers every time the quote's status changes (Accept quote, Edit quote, Reject quote)
  • Auto email response
  • Customize email template
  • Email service integration: you can integrate quote form with UP TO 9 of THE MOST POPULAR EMAIL SERVICES for your email marketing campaigns: Mailchimp, GetResponse, Klaviyo, Google sheet and more
  • Email SMTP
  • Customer redirect after submitting quote form
  • Can print quote to PDF file
  • Multi-form [ADVANCED PLAN]: Create many different forms to diversify quotation forms for different purposes (only available with Quick Quote feature)
  • Support Shopify Markets

For customers

  • Customers can request a quote (call for price/make an offer) with their wished price
  • Convenient to negotiate with stores
  • Get notified instantly when there are any updates related to the quote
  • Have the chances to buy products at better prices
  • Search and add products in quote list page
  • Convert cart to quote (only available with Add to Quote feature)
  • Can print the quote to PDF after submitting the form
  • View all quote history
  • Automatically fill in email, username in the form after logging in
  • Have a better shopping experience
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